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Water BoyJamar talkin with Billings players after the Bullets vs Phoenix game 4-28-13Takin a knee

The huddle Reggie shakin hands makin friends post game Phoenix vs Billings 4-28-13Reggie blocking on a run play vs Billings Bullets 2013 home.

Cody and Jamar presnapReggie and Quin posse for a post game pic with a few Billings Bullets.Phoenix Db makes the Bullets recever pay for not catching the ball.

Phoenix doc helps a Billing Bullet get this pads off to look at a shoulder injury.Breza chillin on side line nursing an injury.#4 open field tackle of #44

Missoula Phoenix defensive back Eric Olaso runnin down Billings wide receiver to prevent the touch down.Phoenix and Bullets players gert tangled up in mid air.Billings Bullets Ccoach makin frinds with the ref.

Line of scrimage on a Phoenix run play.Kick returnJared talkin with billings 18 after 4-28-13 Bullets vs Phoenix game.

Phoenix doc helps a Billings Buillets defensive player.Genthie tells Billings BD what to expect from Great Falls 5/4 game.Cody on the runWesley Running-crane leaps over the pile in an attempt to get to the wide receiver.

Bullings Bullet struggles to catch a ball just barely over thrown.Down markerPhoenix D-line on a run play.

The ball bounces of a Phoenix defender.Defensive DuoPhoenix coaches debrief after a tough loss to the Bilings Bullets.

Coach Moore on the way to the huddle on a time out.Billings Bullet 83 after a close catch.Bullets post hand off

Billings Bullet 83 pre catchBadger runninBadger return

Badger and the ref  Badger catchs a kick off after a Billings TD.Badger returning a kick.



Badger gripping Bullets receivers helmet.Badger fys through the air to tackle Billings 44 to stop a TD.Bullets 76 seals the outside as 44 makes a large gain

bULLETS RUN FOR A MEDIUM GAIN49 trys to tip the ball away from the Bullets receiver.49 mid aid after trying to tip the ball away the Bullets receiver.

Billings 1 chats with Phoenix 40 after they two teams met 4-28-13Phoenix 40 talkin with Bullets after 4-28-13 gameChris and Robyn

33 gettin pushed overPhoenix 19 makes a finger tip catch.tip

28 4 flying defense   Talking Game tackle tackle-2 Stiff Arm rough-tackle rough-tackle-3 rough-tackle-2 monkey-tackle Flying Tackle in-the-air holding holding-2 Hairy Take Down group-tackle Going Down defensive-convo da-tackle da-catch coach break-down

Chris StrattonBillings Bullets vs Missoula Phoenix 4-28-2013